Manasalu vs. Dolpo Region Trek

Manasalu vs. Dolpo Region Trek

Are you planning to travel to Nepal for trekking?

Manaslu trekking is less challening trekking comparing the Dolo region trek .Boht trekking trails offer beautiful Himalayan views of Nepal. Dolpo trekking is remote and wilderness trekking in Nepal and Manaslu trek is common trekking destination in Nepal. This blog helps you choose between Manaslu and Dolpo Region Trek for trekking in Western Nepal. Furthermore, we will learn more about the two most famous trekking destination in the world.

Manaslu Circuit Overview

Manaslu circuit trek begins with sightseeing of some of the UNESCO’s most famous traveling destinations in Kathmandu. This trek starts and ends in Kathmandu along with sightseeing in Kathmandu and Pokhara. 

Manaslu trek has the highest elevation of 5160m at ‘Larkya La Pass’ which is the highest point. ‘Larkya La Pass’ is regarded as one of the most dramatic pass among the crossing in Himalayas. It includes a magnificent view of Mt. Manaslu(8163m) and Ganesh Himal range. It is the world’s eighth highest mountain in the world. The pass links the Budhi Gandaki with the Marsyangdi valley. It links with the main Annapurna Circuit route heading towards Besisahar.

The crossing at Larkya la Pass is considered the most difficult part of this trek. Though with the view of such amazing mountain ranges ahead, this effort will seem to be worthy. 

Comparatively less trekkers go to the Manaslu circuit as this route was opened for tourists only after 1991 by the Nepal Government. 

This trek is filled with thrilling offroad rides and hardcore treks, sometimes impossible to conquer without a guide and proper gears. The actual walk starts from Soti Khola and ends at Dharapani.

This trek is mostly 14 days long whereas it can be extended up to 18 days and can be done in 12 days if you are fit physically.

Manaslu Circuit Difficulties

Level of DIfficulty is considered hard for this region due to its acclimation of more than 5000 meters from sea level. The level of Oxygen is considerably less in that height, therefore, chances of altitude sickness is high. Also due to its steep climb and descent, this trek is considered difficult due to thick snow at the higher altitude.

Manaslu Circuit Route

The trekking starts with motorable ride from Kathmandu to Soti Khola. The trek(walk) starts from Soti Khola reaching Jagat. From Jagat, we walk further to Somagaon, from Somagaon trip can be extended as this is the point where exploration of Manaslu base Camp and other glacial lakes can be visited.

Continuing our journey from Somagaon we reach to Larkya Phedi via Samdo. From Larkya Fedi we climb up to Larkya La Pass. Ongoing downwards from the pass, we reach to Bhimthang followed by Tiliche and Chyame. From Chyame we take a jeep back to Besisahar.

Manaslu Circuit Options

The best option for the Manaslu circuit trek would probably be Tsum Valley Trek due to its similar difficulties and view as it is in the same region.

Dolpo Region Overview

Dolpa Region trek lies in the Dolpa District of Nepal, which is the biggest districts of all 77 districts in Nepal. It has Hindu influence in southern Lower Dolpo however, the Upper Dolpo practices Tibetan Buddhism. Trekking in the Dolpo region can be divided into Upper and Lower Dolpo region.

A high altitude culturally Tibetan region, Dolpo lies in the upper catchments of the Dolpa district of western Nepal. It is located in the region of Phoksundo National Park Region along with glimpses of Dhor Patan Haunting Reserve.

Dolpo Circuit trek starts from Kathmandu and ends in Kathmandu. It takes a 15-16 hours bus ride from Kathmandu to Nepaljung or about an hour flight from Kathmandu to Nepaljung. From Nepaljung a short flight is taken in a twin-otter to Jhupal. Walk starts from Jhupal only and ending in Jhupal finally.

Dolpo region is also considered as the forbidden territory of Nepal. This region offers fascinating landscapes, wildlife, and unique flora and fauna. Along with the view of Shey-Phoksundo Lake whose view cannot be expressed in words neither any camera pictures do justice to them. One must visit the place to feel what it looks like.

Dolpa’s reason was unknown to the world till the 1990’s due to its unexplored parts and places this region offers. This region is still regarded as a restricted region by the Government of Nepal.

Dolpa Trek leads trekkers through some of the most high and steep climbs passing through two major passes Numa La(5318m) and Baga La(5190m). It leads through long climbs and descents with beautiful views on the way.

Most tourists prefer camping in this region because of its geography and availability of Hotels and lodges.


This region is still not preferred by many tourists because of its unique location and higher cost. Yet, tourists enjoy visiting this region during monsoon season and tourists who want to explore true natural beauty visits Dolpa.


Optional trek for Dolpo trek can be regarded as Rara Lake trek or the Khaptad National Park Trek. As these tr-ek falls on western part of Nepal and similar flora and fauna.


Finally, which region trek is suitable for you must be decided by yourself but in comparison with time, the Manaslu circuit can be completed in fewer days than that of Dolpo region.

The total travel cost for the Manaslu region is much lesser than that of the Dolpo region.

Altitude sickness must not be a problem in the Dolpo region trek.

Chances of Avalanches and ice dangers are not in Dolpo Region.

Fewer number of Tourists visit Dolpo region, so if you don’t like crowds much, Dolpo region must be best for you.